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What we do

We offer a SaaS platform for competitive analysis and market research that establishes what position in the market you occupy and helps you explore new opportunities. With Leap, you can track your performance against your competitors, get inspiration for engaging and effective content and monitor your competitors marketing initiatives through our addictive social media feed.

The founding team

We founded Leap in 2019. As the two youngest in a group of four brothers, the competitive element has been a constant in our upbringing. Having worked in diverse industries we ended up coming back to the competitive space where our passion lies. We have worked together on numerous occasions before and know each other’s strengths and shortcomings. Coming from different areas of expertise we cover everything from machine learning to social media management and have 30 years of combined experience in the digital and marketing.

“Honestly, Leap began as an aspiration to build a company where people’s passion is running the show. We are super competitive and can’t see ourselves working in any other space.”
— Daniel Bloch, Co-Founder

Morten Sørdahl


Morten has 20 years of experience within tech & startups such as,,, and He managed large data science departments and held CTO positions in several tech companies.

Daniel Bloch


Daniel has 12 years of experience in development of digital solutions and digital marketing strategies. He currently holds a position as Assistant Professor at UCN where he is a vital part of the entrepreneurial environment UCN Next Step.

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