November 1, 2019

Leap featured: 20 Exciting European SaaS Companies with “Euro Vision”

We are pretty excited to be put in the company of some fantastic SaaS businesses at this years SaaStock Dublin, read more in this article: 20 Exciting European SaaS Companies with “Euro Vision”.

It’s always nice to be recognised for all your hard work but even more important, the article gave us the push to launch Leap beta which we had been delaying due to our own perfectionism (yes we fell into that trap as everyone else). It also gave us a great opportunity to meet likeminded founders who struggled with competitor monitoring and hear their thoughts on the platform – Thanks to everyone who gave amazing feedback.

We are now back in Copenhagen coding and writing like crazy making sure that we get every little drop of knowledge sharing, networking and talks utilised to its maximum. Stay tuned! We have a lot of great things to come!

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